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In the Google search engine, the number of searches per month “buy books online” is up to 100,000, "Modernist writers, contemporary writers" were recruited up to 20,000 times. In the Yandex search engine the number of queries "modern author" is 93,000 per month. Request "modern writers "42,000 per month. The request "the official site of a writer" is used 4000 times a month. Request «buy book ”was used more than one million times within a month.

An individual website for a writer or a website for a book is the core of promoting you as an author or center promoting your book. All interaction with the audience with the publisher is built around your site. it will give you the opportunity to sell the result of your labor, receiving well-deserved remuneration.

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Your unique site will give you the opportunity to convey why the reader should choose your book, to convey their ideas to the audience and publishers. Attracting attention with cover, quotes, excerpts, reviews - all this will make you and your work popular.

A template site is not suitable for these purposes, you will be like a book standing on a shelf among thousands of other books. You need to be not on the shelf, but in the most conspicuous place so that there is no opportunity to bypass you! Only a writer's website, built on the basis of the reader, their motives, their reactions, is able to connect all the tools for promoting the book and make you a famous and popular author.

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The SPHERE project was born from the understanding that it is impossible to provide a high-quality service to a client without an integrated approach to solving problems. In 2018, it was decided to focus on business domains, where our background was maximum.

We now offer the best online solutions for writers and their books, museums, artists, antique shops and auctions. We have brought together designers, web developers, and marketers in one space. An integrated approach and specialization allow you to perform your tasks efficiently, quickly and at a reasonable price.


One of the most effective online sales channels is social media, with many authors and shops selling books on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. An integrated approach is important for selling on social networks, this is the creation of a high-quality website from which sales will be carried out, the creation and design of pages on social networks for your book or for the author. But the main sales channel for your book is targeted advertising.

Targeted ads are ads that social media users see in the feed or on their page. Such advertising can be customized taking into account various parameters: gender, age, city and country, professions, interests. These ads are shown only to your target audience.

How to correctly compose a portrait of your target audience on Facebook and Instagram! (PDF)

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Vladislav Zinchenko

Used the services of creating a site. They did it surprisingly quickly and efficiently and eliminated all the fixes promptly within a couple of hours, which was surprising after working with other less organized programmers. Compared to wordpress - heaven and earth!

Maxim Ostapenko

To develop a new site for the national reserve, we considered various options but settled on the specialists of the SPHERE project. Our project had features, the reserve occupies a large territory on which several museums and other cultural sites are located. As a result, all work was done perfectly and on time. We got a great product and saved time and money!

Anton Gorodetsky

When the idea came up to update the museum’s website, we turned to our permanent consultant Roman Kosarev. Using experience, we together were able to formulate the terms of reference and implement our plan. The SPHERE project did an excellent job with all the necessary details of our collection.